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Anxiety Counseling

A Therapist for Anxiety Can Help

Equinox Counseling provides an opportunity for children and adolescents to identify, regulate, and cope more effectively with their anxiety. Children are taught to be aware of their bodily reactions to feelings, especially their physical responses to stress. Then they are shown how to understand and modify their emotions. The therapist for anxiety will explore how our thoughts and actions affect how we feel. Your child will learn to identify and replace negative thinking patterns and behaviors with positive ones. They will learn to separate realistic from unrealistic thoughts and will receive “homework” for practicing outside therapy. Children and teens find success in coping with their anxiety, and in turn, subsequent fear diminishes.

We also provide specific therapy for autism and anxiety, using techniques that proven results while making the child feel comfortable. Counseling for parents of special needs children also reduces stress.

Children's Anxiety Up 20%

Anxiety is the leading mental health issue for American youth. There is an epidemic of stress; generalized anxiety, test anxiety, specific phobias, panic, social anxiety, and separation anxiety. Research has shown a 20% increase in the diagnosis of anxiety for children ages 6-17 between 2007-2012. We may try to avoid fear, but it often only grows worse.

Contributors to Anxiety in Today’s World

Psychiatrist working with teen with anxiety and depression considering suicide
  • Kids escape uncomfortable feelings (sadness, stress, anxiety) on digital devices instead of learning coping skills

  • Social media pressure of being on phones at all times; who is “liking them” or commenting on their photo

  • Children have real concerns about their lives and physical safety in their school

  • Living in the “no child left behind” culture of high stakes standardized tests

  • The pressure to fit in, look good, play sports, and be popular

  • Significant reduction of time spent in recess, art, physical education, and music taking away opportunities to express creativity, have fun, make friends, and exercise

Treatment that Works

Anxiety is a normal part of life and can be motivating unless it interferes with your child’s ability to function and causes distress in their lives. A therapist for anxiety can’t get rid of stress entirely, nor do we want to. But learning to identify and reduce it provides children and adolescents with control over their lives.

Substances are often used by teens to “self medicate” away from their anxiety when they lack adequate coping skills. Children who responded to cognitive behavioral anxiety treatment show a reduced amount of substance and related problems in follow-up studies seven years after treatment has ended.

Take the First Step

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